Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Response to Interview with Single Wives Club Founder and President, Koereyelle Dubose

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Single Wives Club Founder and President, Koereyelle DuBose on  I wanted to give you my personal reflection of our conversation.  I can't remember how or when  I discovered The Single Wives Club, but I do remember thinking to myself, "What a bold statement this organization is making."  These women were declaring in front of the world that yes we are single, but we are potential wives preparing ourselves for successful marriages.

As a single woman, I have not received a lot of "encouraging" feedback on my aspiration to be married.  The usual responses I get are, "When it's your time it will happen", "There is someone out there for you, just be patient", and the famous statement married people use, "Girl don't rush it."

I commend Koereyelle for providing a platform where women can be comfortable and confident in saying, "Yes, I want to be a wife."  With Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Education, Koereyelle is skilled in developing curriculums that will produce specific outcomes.  Not only is the 28-year-old a compelling teacher but a dynamic business woman.  She has built a successful company by executing sound leadership and targeted marketing.  She represents "the new single woman" that wants love and marriage, but has not detoured her focus from her education and career.

This interview ignited my thought process about my own relationship choices and professional goals.  I am optimistic about my future.  I will continue to surround myself with motivated individuals, who can be a positive influence as I push to reach my goals.  I would love to hear your response to my interview with Koereyelle.  Leave a comment and let's get a positive dialogue started.


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  1. BriAnna!

    I just want to commend you on such a great interview with Miss Koereyelle! I became knowledgeable of the Single Wives Club through Instagram. Since the discovery I have been following the movement and I have become interested in learning more! Thank you for sharing, and keep up the fabulous work! :)